Rachel Dionne, M.A., LADC


Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor 
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor candidate

I truly believe that each person holds extreme uniqueness, wonder, purpose and power far greater than realized. Due to the pain and confusion that exists in each person’s lifetime I feel as if we begin living out lies that we have come to believe about ourselves and we cope accordingly. I have a passion for helping others find peace and wholeness, living authentically connected to themselves and others.

I am dually trained in addiction counseling and mental health counseling, specializing in the treatment of adolescents and young adults. I have extensive experience working with at-risk adolescents around issues of substance abuse, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and defiance disorders. I also enjoy working with young adults experiencing difficult transition phases. I serve all types of clients, and find I connect especially well with those who consider themselves artistic, philosophical, wrestling with existential questions, or working through issues related to religion.

I have previously done work in long-term residential treatment, inpatient family addiction treatment, and a hospital setting. Clients have described my counseling style as raw, authentic, warm and nurturing. I counsel from a person-centered perspective, and employ methods of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution-focused Therapy.

Payment and Insurance

Rachel accepts:

Private Pay and Sliding Scale

And most plans with:

BlueCross BlueShield & BluePlus
Hennepin Health
Medica (Optum)
Medicaid (Medical Assistance, MN Care)
UHC (Optum)
United Behavioral Health (Optum)

Rachel also accepts this specific plan only with HealthPartners:

HealthPartners Care (PMAP)

Please contact your insurance company to ensure your health plan includes coverage for mental health services, and to understand your deductible/copay/co-insurance responsibilites.


Rachel works with clients of any age. She sees individuals, couples, and families.