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Compassionate Infant & Pregnancy Loss Therapists in St Paul, MN

  • Work through your loss with professionals dedicated to healing.
  • Compassion and understanding come standard with our pregnancy loss counselors.
  • Here to help you cope in the toughest of times in your life.

At The Family Development Center, we strive to help you through a pregnancy loss. As family therapists, we understand just how difficult losing a child during pregnancy can be. If you’re suffering from depression after losing your child-to-be, get in touch with one of our professional counselors.

Coping after pregnancy loss isn’t something to go at alone. The feelings of depression can be incredibly strong, and many people will not be able to relate. Even with the best intentions, many family members and friends may offer bad advice in such a difficult situation.

The reality is you need to speak honestly and openly about how you feel after losing the child that was growing inside you. You need time to cope with the pain before the healing process starts. You need someone who can listen, understand, and offer compassion.

That’s what we’re here for. Our counseling professionals listen to you and help you work through the grief in a healthy manner. By embracing the pain and seeking understanding, you can move on from the loss and eventually regain your mental health.

If you bury the grief or focus on getting pregnant too soon again, you’re setting yourself up for emotional distress down the road. That’s not what we want. Our goal is to support you during your time of need and help you get past the mourning period.

Located in St Paul, MN, healing is just one phone call away. Get in touch.

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