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Get Your Relationship Back on Track with the Help of an Expert Marriage Counselor

  • Dedicated to helping you work through marriage issues with proven methods.

  • Couples therapy in St Paul, MN for any and every marriage.

  • Affordable marriage counseling that gets to the root of your issues through honest communication.

Marriage isn’t easy. Once the honeymoon is over, real life kicks in and the realities of long term love come to fruition. What happens when the sparks slow down or fail to flicker at all? Will financial issues bring down your marriage? Is there a better way to foster true communication and honesty as a couple?

As couple’s therapists in St. Paul, we focus on helping you through these issues and so much more. With the experience you need, we understand the common pitfalls of marriage and offer proven methods to keep the romance alive.

Whether romance, children, or lifestyle has gotten in the way of your marriage, our counselors are here to listen, ask the right type of questions, and then figure out how to aid the healing process.

We take a compassionate approach that focuses on understanding who you are as a couple before using proven methodology to help your relationship cope. We strive to foster growth between the couple while getting to the underlying issues.

Using a proactive approach, we’ve found couple’s counseling in the Twin Cities helps avoid divorce therapy. Our goal is to help you grow as a pair and rekindle the romantic side of things – if need be.

Every relationship and marriage is different. So we focus on finding the individualized approach that will bring you closer to your partner. While therapy takes a good amount of work and can be painful, we’re here to aid you in every step of your journey. The good news? Your marriage is always worth the effort.

St. Paul Couples Therapy That Gets Results

  • Proven methodology.

  • Fostering personal growth within your relationship.

  • Overcoming stressful situations to bring your family closer together.

Our goal is to bring your relationship back together. Maybe you’ve grown apart over the years. Infidelity could have nearly torn your marriage apart. Or you may struggle to keep the sparks alive. Other times children get in the way of your relationship together.

Whatever your relationship’s issue is, we focus on uncovering it and shedding light on the emotional issues that arise as a result. Once we truly understand the problems and relationship, we aid in bringing the couple back together through compassionate coping mechanisms and understanding.

St. Paul marital counseling doesn’t need to be overly complex. Just get in touch with the Family Development Center. Our therapists are completely dedicated on keeping families together and working to build the bonds of all involved.

When saving your relationship becomes a priority, let us help. You may be one phone call away from getting back the honeymoon bliss. All your relationship needs is a little understanding to aid the healing process. That’s where we come in. Don’t delay any longer. It’s time to get your marriage back on track.

Make your relationship matter, again. Give us a call today!

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