Leah Mueller

Leah Mueller, M.A., Therapist


Mental Health Practitioner

Obstacles and transitions in life can be very difficult but also have the potential to be enriching experiences. I provide a warm and encouraging environment for clients to feel comfortable exploring their obstacles and dilemmas. I strive to collaborate with each client to best meet their needs as well as help clients break down their obstacles into achievable steps that they feel confident they can overcome. I also believe that re-telling our stories in ways that make sense and are helpful can give ourselves the opportunity to make new meanings and empower change.

I have 5 years of experience working with children and their families with depression, anxiety, ADHD as well as problems related to attachment, trauma and life transitions. I also love working with new or expecting mothers and young adults. I have training and am working towards certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Maternal Mental Health.

Payment and Insurance

Leah accepts:

Private Pay and Sliding Scale

And most plans with:

BlueCross BlueShield & BluePlus
Hennepin Health
Medicaid (Medical Assistance, MN Care)

Leah also accepts this specific plan with HealthPartners:

HealthPartners Care (PMAP)

Please contact your insurance company to ensure your health plan includes coverage for mental health services, and to understand your deductible/copay/co-insurance responsibilites.


Leah works with clients who are age 3+, individuals, couples, and families.