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St Paul Family Therapy to Help Your Family Get Through the Tough Times

  • Professional family counseling for support

  • Compassion and understanding come standard.

  • Designed to foster healing.

Life happens and sometimes, people grow apart. As St. Paul family therapists, we understand these facts, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. If you’re familial relationships are important to you, don’t let them fall apart. One simple way to get things back on track? Family counseling.

At The Family Development Center, we focus on bringing families back together through proven techniques designed to foster honest communication. By being honest with our loved ones, we’ve found most families able to break down barriers and get through the healing process. Without honest communication, the healing process simply doesn’t begin.

We start by gathering those important to you in one room. We dig through the wounds and find out the true problems hindering the relationships within your family. Often, these relate to how we communicate as human beings.

Once we understand how your family works, our St. Paul family therapists begin to rebuild bonds through a proven methodology. With the right questions, truthful answers, and practical exercises to build trust – we’re strive to help your family through the tough times.

Our family counseling was created with to bring all members of your clan together. Husband and wife. Children and adolescents. Stepkids or grandparents. Whoever is an important part of your life needs to be involved in the therapy process.

St. Paul Family Counseling For All

  • Affordable family therapy for Twin Cities residents.

  • Expert therapists striving to help your family heal.

  • Bring your family back together with one simple phone call.

Bringing your family back together could be as simple as one phone call. When you get in touch with The Family Development Center, you’re taking the first step towards healing whatever pains hinder your family.

Many times we begin working with an individual in counseling before realizing that family therapy could be beneficial to healing the individual. So, we ask if the family would be open to helping their loved one heal through group sessions.

The process focuses on honesty and open communication. Once we bring loved ones in the equation, we’re able to see how the patient communicates with people who are important to them. This often sheds light on why family relationships breakdown, as communication style plays a huge role in how we get along.

Helping your family heal is our only goal with group counseling. If you’re ready to begin the process, we hope you’ll get in touch. Our family counselors are here to aid your family in St. Paul.

We truly believe that a family can overcome any issues with proper communication, honesty, and building bonds through trust and love. If you’re in the same boat, we look forward to helping your family get back on track.

It’s time to bring your family together, again. Give The Family Development Center a call today.

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