corrin voeller

Corrin Voeller, M.A.


My belief is that our relationships have a great impact on our quality of life. When we have close, healthy, and fulfilling relationships, we feel fulfilled. And when our relationships are in peril, we feel in peril. I put a focus on your relationships and help you rebuild them in a healthy way. In my sessions, I create a safe environment free of judgement, and provide therapy that is direct and honest, while I build in humor and focus on the client(s) strengths.

I have a special interest in working with people with relationship concerns, men’s issue, sex therapy, pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety, as well as transitions to parenthood. I also work with teens, parenting struggles, breastfeeding challenges, relationship/sex issues since baby, division of household duties, and general relationship concerns.

As a surrogate and parent myself, I also have an understanding about anyone going through pregnancy, infertility, surrogacy, pregnancy loss, IVF and birth.

I am available for individual, couples and family therapy, and I keep several open appointments each week for new clients.

Payment and Insurance

Corrin accepts:

Private Pay and Sliding Scale

And most plans with:

BlueCross BlueShield & BluePlus
Hennepin Health
Medicaid (Medical Assistance, MN Care)

Corrin also accepts these specific plans only with Medica and HealthPartners:

Medica Choices (PMAP)
HealthPartners Care (PMAP)

Please contact your insurance company to ensure your health plan includes coverage for mental health services, and to understand your deductible/copay/co-insurance responsibilites.


Corrin works with clients who are age 4+. She sees individuals, couples, and families.

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